Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Birthday America!

We have much to be grateful for. Our great country is founded on the principles of freedom, independence, and democracy.

To celebrate, RabbitDog created this awesome treasury full of very cool finds.

RabbitDog admires AnimalHouseArt's portrait of Ben Franklin           Ben
He admires this so much, he is wanting one of himself.

And the Fourth of July Duct Tape Pen.

                                                    Duct Tape Pen

Who knew you could do so much with duct tape? Hmmm, perhaps something for RabbitDog to blog about on another day.

BeGlad's quote from Ben Franklin is rather amazing and true! Stop by their shop to read for yourself all the good information.
                                                            Ben Franklin's Beer Quote

Lastly, Wear your very own copy of the Declaration of Independence.

  Independence T Shirt

Until Tomorrow,
Rabbit Dog
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