In the Studio

In The Studio-Number 2
Too busy and too tired to be blue!

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In The Studio- Number 1

I've been a busy little bunny, despite having the blues.

So here's what's going on in the studio:

Works In Progress
 I want to do more to bring out the dragonfly, and I was a little stumped as to how to tie in Shakespeare to the whole theme. Finally I came upon the idea of to be or not to be. The woman is thinking of becoming a newlywed, marriage, her future house, etc. She came from a yearbook from the thirties, that had water damage.


Finished Works (Maybe, I think)
 The bird like image is a complete surprise to me. I was going to put lace on it, to go with my other 2 themed collages. But i've misplaced my lace, and Walmart no longer carries it. I've been meaning to go to the lobby to see if they have it, but now I'm not going to put the lace in at all because I like it the way it is. I'm thinking of making these into greeting cards.

Finished for sure!

I like to work on several pieces at a time. It makes me feel more productive somehow.

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  1. uniquecozytreasures-looks great

  2. These pieces are so creative. I'm amazed at how you put them all together!

  3. They are very complex, it must take a long time to decide how to arrange everything. Wonderful!

  4. You've been having the blues? Me too :( Not sure if it's because summer's fading or what. But anyway, your collages have come out to be so interesting!

  5. I think the blues are going around...I've seen lots of the blues on many different blogs. But...Your work is really great. I especially like the last picture, with the dragonfly.

  6. making collages are a great way to get rid of the blues, lovely work!

  7. how rich and unexpected your collages are! it must be a fun process putting them together!


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