Monday, August 8, 2011

Book Corner Sunday

Book Corner Sunday- 8/7/2011

I usually have at lest three of four books going at one time. 

The books I'm reading right now are:

#1 Women Who Run With Wolves

This book is so amazing and has touched my life with the retelling of fairy tales as learning stories for women's lives. I'm currently reading it right now. The story that I'm reading is Sealskin, Soulskin

#2 Collage Lab
I'm loving this book as it has 52 investigations to develop your collage style. The art teacher in me absolutely loves the fact that is each investigation has its own learning objective. 

The two authors have  launched a blog Collage Lab by two: A Year of Collage
Collage lab blog
dedicated to the new book Collage Lab. They plan to follow the plan and complete the weekly labs over the next year, publishing their findings, opinions, and artwork as they go. 

I'm moseying over to that blog pronto!

#3 Creative Paint Workshop for Mixed-Media Artists 

 I'm finding this book to be very inspiring and has led me to new techniques I have never used before.
I've done collage before but I completely colored my images and backgrounds using watercolor. This go around I'm using imagery from old photos and have playing with backgrounds in new ways. My substrate has changed too. Before I used old posterboard, now I'm placing all of my collages on canvas. Makes it super easy to display.

#4 Except The Queen

Oh my goodness, I just loved this book!  Two fey sisters uncover the Queens secret and let it slip out. The Queen banishes them from the world of fairy and they become old, lose their magic and are separated from each other. The book is so charming and I hated it for it to end. I got hooked on the short story in The Fair Folk, then was pleased to find it was a whole book.

So bloggers, I'm wondering: Are you readers? If so what are you reading right now. 

Do share!

Can't wait to read your comments, and I'm sure I'll be heading over to the library for more fabulous books!

Until tomorrow,

AKA Rabbit

Note I orginally posted this yesterday on Sunday. I was playing with the page feature and I was not what I expected, so I'm posting it today. I probably will be posting twice today!

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