Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Got black and white illustrations? Need color? Get Akvis Coloriage Photo coloring program

You probably already know that I love vintage illustrations. I have quite a collection of awesome antique black and white illustrations that need just a little color to make them pop!

 A few days ago my husband said that he wished we could color old vintage illustrations. So I got to searching on the internet and found Akvis Coloriage.

It is incredibly easy to use! I have had some incredible illustrations that I have just been itching to recolor. I've tried coloring them by hand with colored pencils, which turned out okay, but I'm totally loving this program.

Look at these cuties, before:


After: They look great don't you think? I need to rework the little girl, cause she's not there yet, but still, I think she looks pretty darn awesome if I say so myself!

Note : These images are copyright protected and you may not use them for any reason.

Check back soon you vintage image lovers! I will be making a AKVis Coloriage Tutorial, if I can tear myself away from coloring, that is!

Until next time,
Kim AKA Rabbit
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