Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Blogging Schedule/ Promotional Frenzy Great Etsy Team

 I've been thinking that I need a regular blog schedule. I want to blog everyday and I believe it's important so that you, dear readers will stick around. Plus, if I have a schedule I won't have to deal with the dreaded, "what will I blog about" issue. I had other blogs, still have them in fact, but I don't blog regularly over there. Keeping up with 3 blogs, might be too much, for me, but I'm getting better at blogging consistently, over here on RabbitDog.

So, here's my blog schedule.

Sunday Book Corner
Monday: History and Info (Can you tell I'm a teacher?)
Tuesday: Free Vintage  Illustrations
Wednesday: Artist Interviews
Thursday: Flea market finds
Friday: Friday Finds
Saturday-What's happening in the studio.

I feel really good about this, excited and ready get started.

Just wondering bloggers: Do you have a blogging schedule, and how often do you blog a week?

Please share your blogging experiences!

I wanted to tell you about this great Etsy team. The team so far has been wonderful! Right now we are having a MEGASPECIALS PROMO EVENT!

 The team is having a HUGE sale event for the ENTIRE month of August. There are over 50 Etsy shops participating in the event with great sales that are too good to miss! You can learn more on both facebook and twitter:



You can search "promofrenzyteam" in Etsy and find many wonderful handmade items from members of the team. Here is the link.

Etsy MEGA FRENZY search

Our shop special is 20% off everything in our shop! Use the coupon code FRENZYSPECIAL at checkout.
Until tomorrow,
AKA Rabbit
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