Saturday, July 9, 2011

Studio Day: Mixed Media Collage

I had to really pull myself away from the internet today.

Blogging, tweeting, posting for Etsy can turn into a big time suck! Don't get me wrong, I enjoy it, but it keeps me away from my studio. So here's what I'm working on.

Honestly, it doesn't seem finished somehow. It's a mixed media collage using corrugated cardboard, broken jewelry, (see the cameo), and water color paper, plus the mess ups from our vintage book page business. The theme was to have a beautiful heart and I used a lot of hearts printed on vintage dictionary pages. I don't know if you can see them very well, but they are there.

Here's the new and improved version:

I haven't really decided if I want to leave the buddha as he is or paint on him a little to make him blend in.

Anyway, I've gone a little crazy with inverting it and I really love the way it looks, especially since blues and shades of blue are my favorite colors. So here he is, what do you think?

So, doesn't he look cool?

Okay, well, the studio is calling and I must answer! Thanks for stopping by.

Until tomorrow,

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