Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Hunt For The Perfect Thrift Shop

So how's my blogging schedule coming along? Great in theory, in practice, it's going to take awhile. Getting artist and creative people interviews lined up is going to take prior planning on my part, but I'll get there! Right now it's the dream I'm shooting for. It's what I hope it becomes, rather than what it is at this moment.

According to schedule, I should be blogging about flea market finds.  I really love to shop for things from garage sales, flea markets, and thrift stores. Owning our own thrift store might be possible for us at this time. My husband had an Oldies, but Goodies store, way back when, so he has the experience required to help our dream along. Now all we need is a building and inventory. We have been going to garage sales looking to add to our inventory.

We've bought a ton of baby girl clothes, boys and men clothes. We even chanced on a garage sale that was closing. They had already loaded up the truck and were going to take it to Goodwill.

It was good timing for us! We bought a truckload of clothes, books, and toys for cheap. It was almost as exciting as a treasure hunt because we had no idea what was there. I have boxes I haven't even looked in yet, being as it has been heat record breaking hot.

Now our porch is so loaded down with inventory. We will have to get a storage unit soon.

Where we live in Missouri is loaded, and I mean loaded with thrift stores. Some are almost on top of each other, they are that close. We are looking to move somewhere else so that we don't have so much competion.

We have looked for a building and the prices are outrageous, considering that the buildings are all tore up! Honestly, I had no idea. It was disappointing to say the least. I, at least, expected buildings that were habitable. I was wrong. Several buildings that we looked at, had the ceiling tiles ripped out and linoleum gone too. It was just a plain concrete floor, and wires hanging from the ceiling. One had no lights! Previous renters had taken extension cords and had plugged in lights that way.  It literally was an empty shell. We would have to pay beaucoup bucks for the privilege of remodeling the building before we could even move in. Needless to say, we are not stupid, or made of money, nor do we have time to do a fixer upper!

We are looking at two cute little buildings right now. One is a house that we could sell from and live in at the same time which would cut overhead costs and living expenses somewhat. Another is just a one level building. Wherever we go we will have to move to.  We are keeping our fingers crossed for a building that we can sell from and live in. It would make things easier for us financially, but then again do we really want to work and live in the same place?

Dean is the agent for the building and he told us about a little house that was a few miles down the road. Only two problems with that place, it's small and I mean small. The other problem was that a skunk had crawled under the house and had died.

Anyway, the hunt continues!

On a happy note, I got from the truckload of stuff headed to goodwill: a sewing kit filled with lace, and an old yearbook from the 1930s. I've used some of the stuff in 3 mixed media collages.

I'll let you take a peek at them Saturday. You can see the two finished ones in my flicker stream to the right.

Until tomorrow,
AKA Rabbit


  1. Hi Kim,
    Thanks for popping in and I will deffo be going to Tintern Abbey next so keep checking back for photos, probably within the next week or so.

    How exciting you are opening a shop. I have really fond memories of Missouri. The vintage and antique shopping is brilliant there! I was married in Warsaw, Missouri and honeymooned at Arrowrock! Can you believe it!

    I would go for the house/shop option, then you will not be beholding to a landlord, always the best option.
    Chat soon.

  2. Di, We go to Warsaw to the lake all the time.

    What a small world!

    I can't wait to see your pics of Tintern Abbey. I will check back.

    The town of Oak Grove, which is where the house business option was, was too small and too picky. So we are looking elsewhere. I so can't wait to get this going.

    Talk to you later,


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